Are X-rays at the first cosmetic dental appointment usual?

 In Cosmetic Dentistry

Many steps need to be taken when a patient is considering a cosmetic dental treatment, including dental x-rays. Spring area dentist, Dr. Dernick, DDS, wants to make sure that a patient’s mouth is healthy before cosmetic dentistry, especially when it includes surgical treatments such as dental implants.

X-rays can tell a dentist a lot about what is going on in a patient’s mouth. It can help the dentist see the bone structure to make sure that the bone is healthy. It can help him see how well seated the teeth are in the bone, and can enable him to see any problems that might occur if treatment is done. It can help him “map out” surgical procedures such as dental implants, and make sure that the patient has sufficient bone for the surgical implantation.

When a patient is considering cosmetic dentistry, he or she will visit a dentist for a full consultation appointment and examination. During this time, the patient can discuss the concerns he or she has with the appearance of his or her smile. Some patients have crooked teeth that they would like to straighten, while others are looking for a smile makeover to improve their entire smile. Each patient will discuss what he or she is worried about esthetically, and then Dr. Dernick will examine the mouth and take relevant x-rays. Spring residents can schedule a consultation appointment at any time to get started with cosmetic work.

Once the patient and the dentist have discussed the cosmetic concerns, Dr. Dernick will suggest a variety of options to address them. In some situations, patients have a number of ways to solve a problem. Other times, there is just one solution. The doctor will explain what treatments can solve the issue, and help patients choose which one is best for them, their lifestyle, and their budget. Some treatments are covered by insurance while others are not. Dr. Dernick can lead patients through these decisions until they feel comfortable with the option they have chosen. Future appointments are scheduled and the treatments are done as agreed.


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