Crowns and bridges are considered fixed, permanent restorations, and are commonly completed by Dr. Dernick and his staff. Although they are different procedures, both can help rejuvenate a patient’s smile, especially after the loss of a natural tooth from disease, trauma, or a required extraction.

A crown is like a cap for your tooth, similar to the way a thimble is a “cap” for your fingers. Crowns cover the tooth, and are often used to help strengthen a weak, cracked, or broken natural tooth. Crowns are also used to improve the alignment of teeth so they can look straighter, as an alternative to porcelain veneers or orthodontics. Additionally, crowns can also be used to restore dental implants, and can essentially become a false tooth for replacing missing natural teeth.

Bridges are restorations that are created primarily to replace missing teeth. Instead of dealing with a partial denture or investing in a dental implant, patients can use a bridge, which is similar to a crown but has a false tooth or teeth bonded between two crowns on either side.

There are many different kinds of crowns made with a variety of materials, but Dr. Dernick typically uses either all-porcelain crowns or crowns that are made of porcelain fused to metal to give them strength and stability. Patients will discuss with Dr. Dernick their desires and expectations during a consultation. Together, an educated decision will be made, based on both the patient’s desires and the dentist’s expertise and knowledge.

Crowns and bridges require minor after-care, which includes the same discipline of brushing and flossing that individuals should follow regularly. It is recommended that patients visit Dr. Dernick regularly for thorough cleanings and examinations, usually twice a year. When properly cared for, crowns and bridges can last many years, and provide patients with an effective way of restoring and protecting their smile.

Dr. Dernick is a dentist in The Woodlands who has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and prides himself on providing quality restorations with cosmetic appeal in mind. Call today and schedule a consultation to find out what Dr. Dernick and his staff can do to restore your smile to a beautiful, natural-looking masterpiece.

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