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  • "Brandie was my hygienist. She did an excellent job and was very friendly."

    Wilma G.
  • “Dr. Dernick and Marty are awesome.”

    Felix N.
  • “Suzanne was awesome about explaining everything that was going on, she listened to all my medical concerns and gave me pointers on what to do.”

    JoAnn E.
  • “Michelle ALWAYS does an excellent job cleaning my teeth.”

    Marlene B.
  • “Love Dr. Dernick and Suzanne!”

    Andrea T.
  • “Brandie was very pleasant. As a new patient, I had a lot of questions for her. She was knowledgeable, courteous and engaging. Everything went well and I’ll refer my husband to Dr. Dernick”

    Dawn G.
  • “Suzanne and Dr. Dernick strive make my visit as comfortable as possible. Both of them know that I am a “chicken” when it comes to dental work and they both take good care of me. We wouldn’t go anywhere else to the dentist!”

    Sheryl R.
  • “Joanne is fantastic.”

    Bobby R.
  • “There’s a reason I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dernick for 20+ years.”

    Brian D.
  • “I was so happy with my appointment, that at Saltgrass for dinner with friends, I referred all at dinner to the best dentist in town. Two people at dinner were actually looking for a change to a new dentist and thanked me for the referral. Dr. Dernick is fantastic and his staff is very professional but fun to be around. Thx ”

    Dale L Smith, President and CEO of PCCI.
    Dale L Smith, President and CEO of PCCI.
  • “The appliance was comfortable and never bothered me and my jaw recovered quickly in the morning after chewing the gum. Judy said my snoring was reduced by 90% (to virtually nothing at all) and I never stopped breathing like she said I normally did. I didn’t yet notice any major change in my sleeping pattern, however, I have a painful shoulder that is on the mend and it still sometimes bothers me at night if I sleep on it wrong. But, I feel good! Hopefully you will still be batting a perfect record!! Thanks for helping me (us) out!!”

    Stephen D.
  • “I love the emails and texts. It really helps these days to have someone help me remember my appointments. Everyone was extremely nice to me.”

    Gwen T.
  • “I really liked Suzanne…..Her patience was so refreshing….Everyone that I encountered at your office was pleasant and professional”

    Brenda F.
  • “You, each and all, are THE best… quality of the dental work and professionalism, caring for the client. I have already recommended you to people who feel exactly the same. Just wish I knew about you earlier”

    Jane Y.
  • “Dr. Dernick has also “always” gone out of his way to accommodate my very spontaneous schedule….a gesture that is greatly appreciated. Thank you again to the complete staff”

    Bill V.
  • “Michelle is the best hygienist in the world”

    James S.
  • “Suzanne is always so calm and friendly and puts me & my kids at ease”

    Jamie F.
  • “Michelle is WONDERFUL !!!! She makes getting your teeth cleaned such a great experience. And Dr. Dernick is wonderful as always”

    Donna S.
  • “Suzanne is fabulous!”

    Debbie W.
  • “You run a very efficient office with state of the are equipment run by professionals. I have referred at least ten people to your office and plan to send more”

    Linda N.
  • “Michelle is super nice and gentle. Very comforting.”

    Danielle A.
  • “Suzanne is the best.”

    Janifer K.
  • “Awesome service Suzanne!!!! I feel very comfortable returning and knowing that the customer service is exceptional. Thank you.”

    Andrea N.
  • “Don’t change a thing. My family’s dental needs have been taken care of by Dr. Dernick for over 30 years and I think that says it all. Both he and Michelle are 100% terrific!!”

    Gary H.
  • “You’re the only Dentist that makes me feel comfortable.”

    Victoria R.
  • “You made me feel very comfortable and I appreciate it.”

    Margaret M.
  • “You are always very accommodating to my low pain tolerance.”

    Erin M.
  • “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your kindness, caring and professionalism.”

    Cheryl M.
  • “You are a very kind, considerate and caring man and I’m honored that…I’ve gotten to know you.”

    Kathy R.
  • “You guys are awesome! I really appreciate that even though I did have a few things that might need to be addressed in the future with dental work, he did not push me to do them right away.”

    Julie M.
  • “It’s always a pleasure to meet with Dr. Dernick and his staff. They are truly the best and the reason why my family and I keep coming for the last 20+ years.”

    Roy M.
  • “I’ve been a patient for the 12 years I’ve lived in The Woodlands and I have ALWAYS had great experiences. Dr Dernick is the best dentist I’ve ever had. All the staff have always been pleasant and helpful….I would highly recommend you.”

    Lynn R.
  • “Dr. Dernick and all staff are terrific!!”

    Andrea T.
  • “I and my family have been using Bob for the past 28 years. Not going to go any place else. He and his staff have always been accommodating and professional. It’s a great relationship and we’re staying put. Service is always excellent!”

    Joel T.
  • “I was extremely impressed and have already recommended you to friends.”

  • “It was absolutely the best dental experience I have had! The staff is very nice and Suzanne, the hygienist was the best I’ve had. I look forward to future visits.”

  • “We love coming for our appointments. The wait is very short and the staff is wonderful. Michelle does a great job with my kid’s and their teeth. Thanks.”

    Ashlee J.
  • “I really like my hygienist, Suzanne. I’ve always had pleasant visits at Dr. Dernick’s office.”

    Linda S.
  • “I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Michelle, my hygienist is. She is thorough, polite and very informative.”

    Kim F.
  • “Suzanne is very professional and a nice person. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the years.”

    Linda R.
  • “In all of my years as a patient, every visit has been very professional and with lots of kindness and compassion.”

    Susan J.
  • “It is always a pleasure to see you and your staff. Your staff members are always friendly and professional. I fell that many of the have become “friends” over the years, and it’s nice to know I will see the same familiar faces upon my next visit.”

    Connie C.
  • “Michelle is A+; I’ve been a client for 15 years…could not be happier.”

    Randy D.
  • “Bob, I have always been satisfied with the services afforded by you and your staff….Thanks for all your help.”

    Bob W.
  • “I couldn’t be made to feel any more comfortable. Michelle was friendly and quite efficient during my cleaning and Dr. Dernick was, as always, thorough in his analysis of my dental situation. After more than 25 years of service from Dr. Dernick, I think our continued patronage, despite the fact that your office is not included in our dental insurance network, speaks for itself!”

    Gary H.
  • “Have used Dr. Dernick since 1981. My whole family does. My (our) trust is with Dr. Dernick. He has never led us astray!”

    Joel T.
  • “Your office is more fun than any other office I have been to.”

    Alan F.
  • “You’re the best dentist I’ve ever been to.”

    Cathy M.
  • “You have always taken care of us in a wonderful way. Can’t imagine a better dentist in the world!”

    Ronald B.
  • “I have been coming to Michelle and Dr. Dernick for over 10 years and continue to be absolutely delighted with the staff, facilities, atmosphere and every visit!”

    Carol B.
  • “Your entire staff is very professional. They make dental visits very pleasant!”

    Terry Y.
  • “I had a wonderful 1st visit. I have never left a dental visit feeling as confident in an office as I did this visit! I’ve already told everyone about how comfortable and well my dental cleaning was! I’m very happy with all the care that was extended to me.”

    Jan O.
  • “We love coming for our appointments. The wait is very short and the staff is wonderful. Michelle does a great job with my kid’s and their teeth. Thanks.”

    Ashlee J.
  • “You have a great staff that makes you feel comfortable being at the dentist!”

    James M.
  • “We are blessed to have Dr. Dernick and his staff as our dental care team. Everyone is friendly, helpful, efficient and professional. Everyone who works on our teeth are gentle and knows how not to pinch areas of our mouths. Thanks for your warm, friendly and technically excellent care.”

    Wanda D.
  • “I don’t see how there could be room for improvement, you all have exceeded my expectations for 20 years now. Thanks for the outstanding work you all do year in and year out.”

    Ivonne C.
  • “It is always a pleasure for me to come to your office. From your receptionist to Michelle to Dr. Dernick. Everyone is very professional and easy to talk to and most of all, kind. You have a caring team. It makes me very comfortable and confident to recommend your services to anyone who inquires about a dentist. Thank you for all that you do for us.”

    Alicia C.
  • “Impressed by your ability to stay “on time” – I never have to wait. Dr Dernick and his staff are always so courteous and friendly and exceptionally customer friendly. I refer to your practice all the time and will continue to do so…..Keep it up. You are the best game in town.”

    Barbara L.
  • “Dr. Dernick is a wonderful dentist and just a great person. He restored my faith in dentistry. He has a soft touch and always wants to make me feel comfortable. He is SO, SO much better than other dentists!! I would refer him to everyone.”

    Valerie H.
  • “There are insufficient words with which to adequately express my gratitude for the dental work you recently performed….Thanks to you and your staff for such superlative work. You truly are an artist and a credit to your profession.”

    Lena L.
  • “I have worn the appliance the past 2 nights and I feel fantastic! The first night I wore it I actually worried my wife. She couldn’t hear snoring or heavy breathing and at one point she even leaned over to watch my stomach/chest to make sure I was still alive. She was shocked at how quiet I was. Normally I set a series of alarms that go off every 5 minutes and it usually takes about an hour of listening to that until I am awake enough to get out of bed. The first night I wore the appliance I woke up with the first alarm and was out of bed within 2 minutes. I was so well rested it was startling. I believed that the appliance would help but I had no idea it would make that much of a difference. Typically I get drowsy around 14:00-15:00 in the afternoon and have trouble staying awake at my desk. Yesterday, my first day after wearing the appliance, I didn’t get drowsy until about 20:30. I am absolutely amazed Dr Dernick. It works so well it almost seems like hocus pocus. Last night was my second night wearing it and this morning I awoke about 50 minutes before my first alarm was scheduled to go off. I was wide awake, well rested and decided that I might as well get up and read a book. This is just unreal. Thank you so much. The other interesting thing is that I normally get up once a night to use the restroom but I haven’t the past 2 nights. Thank you again Dr Dernick. My wife also sends her thanks and sincere appreciation. I’ve already referred several coworkers that have sleep apnea, we’ll see if they come in for an evaluation. Gosh I know I’m redundant but thank you again for making such a big difference in my quality of life.”

  • “Michelle is a goddess! Excellent company for Dr. Dernick, our beloved God of teeth.”

    Cole S.

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