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While it may sound scary and intimidating to most, dental implantation is actually a very simple procedure. The implant itself is a titanium screw that is placed into the bone by an oral surgeon or periodontist. This titanium screw is then topped with a restoration similar to a crown, which is done by Dr. Dernick.

The procedure from start to finish can actually take several months, as the bone needs to grow around the implant in order to provide strength and stability that is often the most important characteristic of this form of treatment. Once the dental implant is placed into the bone, the process of osseointegration begins. Osseointegration is when the implant becomes fused to the bone, giving it a “rock solid” foundation. This keeps the implant in place, similar to the way a natural tooth’s root is kept in place by the bone beneath the gums.

Dental implants are very predictable and have an extremely high success rate of approximately 98 percent. The remaining two percent of patients usually have compromised health issues.

Dental implants are recommended when a patient is looking for a practical, permanent solution to a missing tooth or teeth. Fixed bridges and partial dentures may also be considered. There are also cases where a patient may not be a proper candidate for dentures or bridges, in which dental implants may be the only alternative to addressing a gap caused by missing teeth. Dental implants are more expensive than the alternatives, but they are a lifetime restoration that requires minimal special care over time. Regular brushing, flossing, and hygiene appointments are sufficient when it comes to protecting and maintaining the dental implants.

Dr. Dernick of The Woodlands Dental Group offers restorations for the completion of dental implants, and can refer patients to an experienced periodontist for the placement of dental implants in The Woodlands TX. Dr. Dernick will discuss the process with patients to give them a better understanding of the procedure and the results that they can expect.

If you are considering tooth implants in the woodlands for replacing a missing natural tooth, call Dr. Dernick and schedule a consultation at The Woodlands Dental Group.

Patient Testimonial

  • “We are blessed to have Dr. Dernick and his staff as our dental care team. Everyone is friendly, helpful, efficient and professional. Everyone who works on our teeth are gentle and knows how not to pinch areas of our mouths. Thanks for your warm, friendly and technically excellent care.”

    Wanda D.

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