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Cosmetic family dentistry is a very powerful tool to the public which allows individuals to enhance their image, feel better about themselves, and enjoy a younger, more amazing smile than ever before. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for the Hollywood elite–patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful smile. Procedures and restorations within the cosmetic family dentistry field include, but are not limited to:

Although some dentists will only focus on providing restorations for their patients, Dr. Dernick understands the importance of esthetic appearance. When Dr. Dernick is completing restorations for his patients, whether it be fillings or crowns, he is always considering the cosmetic and esthetic aspects as well. He wants his patients to love their look and appreciate their smile to the fullest. Dr. Dernick has proven that an amazing smile will not only make his patients look and feel younger, but also give them the self-confidence that they may never have had in the past.

Dr. Robert Dernick has had over 30 years experience providing only the best in cosmetic family dentistry. He has attended a multitude of cosmetic seminars over the years to continue to learn more about the advances in the industry.With training and experience comes perfection, which is what Dr. Dernick and his staff strive for.

Whether you want a whiter smile, a more aligned smile, or are looking to replace missing teeth, Dr. Dernick does it all. Everyone wants to look good, and your smile is oftentimes one of the first things others notice about you. Show off a stellar smile by choosing the area’s cosmetic family dentistry with the highest levels of expertise and artistic eye to focus on not only the health and protection of your teeth, but also the overall appearance, and inherit the self-confidence that a beautiful smile can bring to your life.


Dr Dernick DDS offers a wide range of top-quality dental services that include cosmetic and family dentistry in the woodlands TX and surrounding areas.

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  • “Michelle is a goddess! Excellent company for Dr. Dernick, our beloved God of teeth.”

    Cole S.

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