Learn about the myriad of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

 In Cosmetic Dentistry

Spring area residents who visit Dr. Dernick of The Woodlands often want to learn about the myriad of cosmetic dentistry procedures available to them through his advanced dental practice. He offers a wide selection of cosmetic treatments including:

  • Tooth restoration with dental bridges, implants, and dentures
  • Brightening the natural tooth enamel with bleaching services
  • Covering areas of imperfection with veneers and composite bonding
  • Protecting natural teeth with dental crowns
  • Preventative and general dentistry services

Dr. Dernick works with his patients to help them understand the process of rejuvenating or even completely changing their smiles. Some procedures are fast, easy, and done in one appointment, while complete smile makeovers may take several visits for a combination of procedures. Patients often consult with their dentist first to determine which treatments are best suited for improving their smiles, and can ask what is expected during the entire process. Dr. Dernick takes the time to explain each procedure and its benefits. He may suggest certain procedures based on what patients are interested in achieving with cosmetic dentistry.

Patients then work with their dentist to develop a treatment plan that fits their budget, schedule, and lifestyle. Some patients may prefer removable restorations such as dentures while others want dental implants. By telling Dr. Dernick what they want, patients can receive the treatment best suited for their specific needs. When it comes to dentistry, there is no “one size fits all” solution and patients are encouraged to work with a dentist they trust to reach their oral health and beauty goals.

If you live in or around The Woodlands, including the Spring and Conroe communities, Dr. Robert G. Dernick and his dental team are here to assist you in achieving the most beautiful smile! Contact us today to learn about ways of attaining the stunning smile often associated with only the Hollywood elite!


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