How Hydration Affects Dental Health

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Drinking water has numerous health benefits for your body. Apart from helping distribute nutrients, get rid of waste, and promote healthy skin, sipping on water is also a critical part of good dental hygiene. Dr. Dernick outlines the benefits that drinking water can have on your oral health.

Drinking Water Helps Prevent Cavities

Fluoridated water makes for an easy way to help prevent cavities. Studies have found that people who don’t drink fluoridated water are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay than those who do. Water with fluoride helps strengthen your teeth so they are not as susceptible to cavities. Many oral health care products like toothpaste and mouthwash contain fluoride for this reason.

Water Helps Maintain a Clean Mouth

Water washes down food residue left on the teeth that cavity-causing bacteria eat. Getting rid of food particles and residue takes away food the bacteria needs. When bacteria cannot live, they do not produce acid that corrodes the enamel. By not leaving unwanted sugar and food behind on the teeth, water reduces the risk of developing cavities.

Drinking Water Fights a Dry Mouth

Our Woodlands dental team recommends sipping water to fight a dry mouth. Reduced saliva supply can often result in tooth decay. This is why it is important to keep the mouth hydrated. Drinking enough water will help prevent dry mouth and subsequently prevent cavities from forming. 

Unlike drinks sweetened with sugar, water does not contain sugar and calories. Studies show that water helps you lose weight while reducing the risk of cavities. A Woodlands dentist will advise you on more ways to care for your body and protect your smile. Contact us with your questions about drinking water and your oral health. Schedule your checkup today!

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