Pneumonia Prevention with Good Oral Health

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Dr. Dernick knows there is a strong connection between good oral health and good overall health, and a recent study showed this relative to developing pneumonia. In the study, it was found that patients who skipped all dental appointments showed an 86% increase in the development of pneumonia than patients who faithfully kept dental appointments twice each year.

What’s the connection?

The connection between the two seems to be the presence of harmful oral bacteria. Your Woodlands dental team therefore urges all patients to minimize the presence of harmful bacteria in the mouth by brushing regularly after meals, and by using a good mouthwash which kills bacteria. By reducing the presence of bad bacteria, your chances of maintaining overall good health rise dramatically.

Your Woodlands dentist, Dr. Dernick, can also help limit the presence of bacteria in your mouth at your bi-annual visits, by removing plaque and providing a thorough cleaning. With this two-pronged approach to limiting bacteria, you’ll stand a much better chance of avoiding pneumonia, and of keeping good general health for an extended period of time.

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