Why Spring area patients may consider aesthetic dentistry

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Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS of the Spring community is pleased to provide new and existing patients with the benefits of aesthetic dentistry. Patients who are considering making dramatic-or even subtle-changes to the appearance of their smile can enjoy the advantages of cosmetic treatments through his quality dental practice.

Patients seek the assistance of a cosmetic dentist to enhance their smiles. Patients with misaligned, stained, or unusually shaped teeth may want to make changes to improve the beauty of their smile and boost their confidence. Some patients have dealt with imperfections for years, and may hide their smile when they are talking or laughing with others. Patients no longer have to hide their smile with the help of aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS offers a variety of procedures for patients who visit his office seeking smile transformation. In fact, he provides “smile makeovers” for those who have several existing concerns with their smile. These makeovers may include a combination of many treatments, including porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridges, teeth bleaching, dental bonding, or cosmetic dentures.

Patients interested in undergoing any of our cosmetic treatments are encouraged to visit our practice for an initial consultation appointment and a thorough examination, which may include full x-rays. Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS takes this time to meet patients, discuss their concerns, and speak with them in regards to the optimum methods available for meeting their goals. Patients who are open, honest, and work with their dental team will enjoy the benefits of quality aesthetic dentistry.

The cost of aesthetic dentistry can vary dramatically. Some treatments may be covered by dental insurance, while others are not, so patients should speak with their dental insurance provider about what solutions are covered. This can help patients decide which services are available within their budget and work with the dentist in determining the best combination of treatments for optimum results.

If you live in the Spring or Conroe areas and you are considering the advantages of cosmetic dentistry through a local practice, call Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS today to schedule your first visit with our team and learn about the various treatments that can help you in achieve the smile of your dreams!


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