Spring patients visit Dr. Dernick to learn, what is a root canal?

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Often pain and discomfort may bring patients to Dr. Dernick’s practice seeking a solution. Often, when problems arise in a patient’s tooth, it may require root canal therapy. Patients in and around The Woodlands area can visit Dr. Dernick to undergo root canal therapy and save the tooth from extraction or further damage.

What is a root canal treatment? Spring area residents often ask what it entails when given this recommendation. A root canal is a treatment in which a dentist will remove the innermost portion of the tooth. The dental pulp resides here, and includes tissue, blood supply, and nerves. To reach this area, Dr. Dernick drills a very small hole into the tooth and uses special instruments to remove the dental pulp. The inner area of the tooth is then treated and disinfected before a special filling is used to seal the tooth. In most cases, the dentist will then bond a dental crown over the tooth to protect it, as it can become brittle after treatment.

Root canals are done to save a natural tooth from requiring extraction. This may be due to an abscess or infection. Saving the tooth is typically a less expensive alternative that allows patients to maintain their natural tooth, which is instrumental in maintaining good oral health. This treatment is highly recommended when a problem arises within a tooth that can cause pain and discomfort to the patient. It is best to relive the issue by removing the dental pulp and eliminating the pain and infection.

Dr. Dernick is a dentist in The Woodlands who is happy to assist all area patients with dental care, including those in Spring and Conroe. He welcomes new patients and helps them with their dental concerns. If you are interested in receiving gentle dental care from Dr. Dernick and his staff, contact his practice today to schedule a consultation appointment and initial examination.


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