What Causes the Roof of my Mouth to Swell?

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Have you ever noticed swelling in the roof of the mouth? It’s a very common condition and rarely is it serious. Even though it’s usually a mild inconvenience, it can be the result of an underlying condition. Here are some of the more common causes of swelling of the palate and signs that indicate you need to seek the help of a dental professional.

Common Reasons the Roof of the Mouth is Swollen

The roof of your mouth can become swollen if it is injured by a piece of hard food during chewing. Eating something very hot before letting it cool off can also cause an injury to the top of the mouth. Swelling can also be caused by the presence of canker sores or cold sores, and in some cases, dehydration can lead to swelling on the roof of the mouth. None of these are cause for any real concern, says your Woodlands dental team. However, the swelling can be caused by some underlying medical conditions in very rare cases. That’s why it’s important to know when to seek medical care.

When to see a Dentist or Doctor

Although seeing a dental specialist may not be necessary for a swollen mouth most of the time, there are some situations calling for a consultation with your Woodlands dentist. If the swelling condition does not clear up within a week, or if you notice there are other symptoms which accompany the swelling, be sure to visit Dr. Dernick. When the pain and discomfort associated with swelling cannot be managed by pain medications, that would be another situation where expert dental care should be sought out. Dental care is also advisable if the palate, or roof of the mouth, becomes very discolored for no apparent reason. 

Regular dental exams and good oral hygiene can all go a long way in preventing the roof of the mouth from swelling. Maintaining good oral health can be beneficial and helpful in the healing process if the swelling is due to an injury. Call us today to discuss your concerns.

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