What is Oral Thrush and How Does It Start?

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Oral thrush is a condition which can develop on the roof and/or back of the mouth as a result of an imbalance of naturally occurring oral yeast, says your Woodlands dentist. Especially when the immune system is suppressed, infections have a much better chance of developing in various locations around the body.

How does oral thrush occur?

People who have AIDS or who are going through chemotherapy treatment are much more at risk for developing oral thrush than are others because their immune systems have been compromised, allowing the potential for infections. Those with asthma who routinely inhale steroids are also at greater risk of developing oral thrush because the medicine may interfere with the normal level of bacteria in the mouth. For this reason, your Woodlands dental team recommends that you rinse your mouth out well after each use of your inhaler to reduce the risk of developing oral thrush.

Finally, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Dernick if oral thrush or any other ailments occur. He and his Woodlands team are ready and willing to give you the best care for all your oral health needs.

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