10 Ways Your Woodlands Dentist can Preserve Your Oral Health

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man smilingIt can be tempting to skip your regular dental checkups with your Woodlands Dentist. We get so busy and look for ways to make a less hectic schedule. But skipping out on your routine dental appointments is never a good option. Regular checkups along with good oral hygiene are essential to maintaining good oral health. Here are 10 ways keeping your regular appointments with a Woodlands dentist helps protect your oral health.

1.Prevent Plaque Buildup and Treat Cavities

There are areas of your teeth that get missed even with diligent and regular brushing and flossing. Seeing the dentist regularly allows them to keep a close watch on any problem areas. They can provide regular professional cleaning to keep tartar from building up. And they can treat cavities with fillings before they become a larger, more complex problem.

2. Detect Signs of Oral Cancer

If oral cancer is caught early on, treatment is often more effective. Dentists are trained at spotting early signs and symptoms. When you routinely visit Dr. Dernick, he will notice even subtle changes in your oral health that could be indicative of oral cancer. If left untreated, it can become life-threatening. Regular checkups help dentists identify and treat problems early on.

3. Early Detection of Gum Disease

Daily brushing and flossing help prevent most oral infections. If plaque and tartar are not removed, it can lead to gum disease. Regular professional cleanings greatly reduce the risk of developing gum disease. Preventing periodontal disease is essential for helping keep your teeth and gums healthy.

4. Discover Hidden Problems with Dental X-rays

Oftentimes, dental problems are lurking, but you don’t have any noticeable symptoms. Something like an impacted wisdom tooth is only visible through x-rays. Dental x-rays are part of a regular checkup so dentists can see if there are any hidden problems. When found early enough, these are usually treatable.

5. Maintain Good Communication with Your Dentist

Good communication is an essential part of a successful partnership. Your dentist is a partner with you when it comes to your oral health. Your oral health affects your overall health. Maintaining good communication with dental professionals is important when you have a concern. They can answer your questions or alleviate anxiety while finding a solution to fit your dental health needs.

6. Help with Sleep Apnea

Oftentimes it is during regular dental checkups that sleep apnea is discovered. Your dentist can recommend or prescribe a sleep guard to help eliminate snoring that interrupts your sleep. They can also provide a referral to a dental sleep professional if more extensive treatment is needed.

7. Lymph Node Checkup

In addition to checking your mouth and teeth for signs of gum disease and oral cancer, your dentist will also check your jaw, neck, and lymph nodes. Swelling or abnormalities in lymph nodes, which are located just below the jaw can be signs of more serious problems that need to be addressed. They can direct you to the appropriate medical professional. Discovering serious medical problems or diseases early on makes successful treatment more likely.

8. Discover Damaging Habits

Some habits can impact your oral health negatively. Sometimes you may not be aware that you are clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth. Did you know that brushing your teeth too hard can also be damaging? When you visit your dentist regularly, they can spot these and other issues and provide treatment options.

9. Help Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

Your oral health can provide numerous insights into your overall health. Having poor dental hygiene can lead to other serious health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Seeing your Woodlands dentist regularly can help prevent problems with your oral health and improve your overall health.

10. Use Dental Insurance Benefits

Dental insurance policies differ, but most of them include two checkups each year. This usually includes routine cleanings too. These services are paid for by your premiums and if you don’t use them, you will lose them. Since they are already paid for, it just makes sense to take advantage of them and keep your oral health in good shape.

See Your Woodlands Dentist Today

You do not have to wait until you have a problem to visit Dr. Dernick. Visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent common problems like toothaches, cavities, and gum infections. Part of taking care of your teeth is regular checkups. Don’t wait for an emergency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us help you maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.


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