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When it comes to cosmetic restorations, one of the “gold standards” in dentistry is the use of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are used to replace missing teeth or to use with dentures for a firmer, stronger fit and function. While there are alternatives, such as bridges and dentures, many patients enjoy the number of benefits provided by dental implants. The Woodlands dentist, Dr. Dernick, has years of experience with dental implants and the improvements that they can provide.

What are the benefits of dental implants? There are many reasons why dental implants are preferred over alternative treatments such as bridges and dentures.

Long Lasting
Dental implants can last a patient’s entire lifetime when properly maintained.

High Success Rate
As one of the most predictable restorations, dental implants have a success rate of approximately 98% or more.

Natural Appearance
Dental implants are topped with a porcelain dental crown to complete the procedure. The crowns are made with porcelain, this is a strong, beautiful material closely resembles the appearance of a natural tooth.

Unlike partial dentures, dental implants are a permanent restoration that is not removable.

Bridges require that a dentist remove some of the enamel from surrounding teeth. Dental implants are stand-alone restorations that allow dentists to be conservative.

Stimulates Bone Growth
When a patient loses their natural teeth, the bone underneath begins to disintegrate. By adding a dental implant, dentists such as Dr. Dernick can stimulate bone growth and maintain a healthy bone structure underneath the gums.

Dr. Dernick offers dental implants for patients who are candidates for the treatment. Most people can undergo this treatment, especially if they have sufficient bone structure and take good care of their smiles. While dental implants can be costly, they provide years of value and chewing efficiency for patients. They are also extremely natural looking and many others cannot distinguish a false tooth from a natural one, thanks to high-quality materials. Are you considering dental implants or alternative treatments for restoring your smile? Call Dr. Dernick today and schedule a consultation appointment and examination to learn more about the benefits that dental implants can provide.


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