Benefits of Family Dentistry

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Having a dentist that the family can depend upon for their dental care is essential to maintaining proper oral health. Every family member can visit the same dentist for family dentistry. The Woodlands area dentist, Dr. Robert Dernick DDS, can provide dental care for everyone in the household. From the youngest child to the eldest grandparent, Dr. Robert Dernick DDS and his staff are here to help your family with its dental needs.

There are many benefits to having a family dentist for your household. The primary benefit is the ease of scheduling appointments. Parents can schedule themselves and their children for same day appointments, and get the entire family in for their bi-annual check-ups. This eliminates having to run across town on various days getting everyone in for their recall appointments. Parents can call the staff at Dr. Dernick’s office, and quickly arrange everyone’s visit in one morning or afternoon.

Another benefit to having a family dentist is the ability to keep everyone’s dental records in one location. If visiting various dentists, it can be difficult to have all the information handy and available for the dentist to make the best decisions regarding patient’s oral health care. With the entire family’s records on file, the dentist can learn more about the medical and family history that may affect the smiles and health of the patients.

Dr. Dernick of The Woodlands also has a special unique benefit that is completely his own. Within his building, he has several dental professionals and specialists that can help. If he is unable to handle a certain portion of a patient’s dental care, he can refer patients to these specialists without them even having to leave the office! This is a tremendous benefit for patients that may have in-depth dental care needs, or need a variety of specialists for family members.

If you’re ready to make your family dental care an effective one-stop shop, then call Dr. Robert Dernick, DDS of The Woodlands today and get your household set up with family dentistry. You’ll be glad that you chose a dentist that can assist every family member with his or her dental care and oral health care needs and desires.


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