How to care for full or partial dentures?

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Patients who have lost one or more teeth and have opted for dentures for restoration can learn about the ways in which they can care for their prosthetics. Proper care is important for Spring area residents to maintain the integrity and longevity of their dentures. Dr. Robert Dernick of the Spring area provides patients with the information they need to maintain their dentures over time.

Like natural teeth, it is essential that dentures be brushed daily for the removal of plaque and food. Patients can use a toothbrush to keep staining and discoloration from occurring. All surfaces of the dentures must be brushed carefully and rinsed afterwards.

It is also important to ensure the use of proper denture cleaning. Some toothbrushes and household cleaners should be avoided, as they may be too abrasive for the materials used to create dentures. When patients visit Dr. Robert Dernick for their recall appointments, they are encouraged to bring their dentures for a thorough cleaning.

Dentures should be kept moist to keep them from drying out. A soaking solution should be used when dentures are not worn. Patients should speak to their dentist about the appropriate solution to use that will not tarnish any metal attachments on partial dentures. Dr. Robert Dernick may suggest several brands and specific types of cleaning solutions for soaking dentures.

Additionally, dentures should be adjusted as changes occur to the structure of the mouth. This ensures a proper fit that does not cause sores and discomfort. This can facilitate the development of further problems, which often keep patients from wearing their dentures due to pain. Periodic adjustments may be necessary, and patients should always bring their dentures to their dental appointments for cleanings and examinations to check the fit and function.

Patients who receive dentures from Dr. Robert Dernick of the Spring area are encouraged to contact him regarding denture care. Regular adjustments and daily home care are essential for improving the longevity, function, and fit of these prosthetics. New patients are welcome at his practice, serving patients in and around the Spring and Conroe areas.


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