Who can Spring residents visit for denture repair?

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Dentures are a wonderful way to restore a smile after tooth loss or extraction. Whether patients have a full denture set or partial dentures, there may be times in which they may need denture repair. Spring residents can visit Dr. Dernick, DDS, to have their dentures repaired when they are broken or ill fitting.

Dr. Dernick and his staff are located in Spring, TX. Denture repair can be done for dentures that were made in his office or for dentures from other dentists. He is able to make a variety of repairs and adjustments. Dentures that are ill fitting can result in several problems, including sores and severe irritation that can be very uncomfortable for patients. By undergoing denture repair, patients can maintain their dentures longer and make them much more comfortable to wear.

There are times when damage may also occur to the denture. Perhaps a metal wire on a partial denture broke, or a tooth on the denture is chipped or cracked. Maintaining a beautiful smile is important to most patients, and immediate denture repair may be needed. Dr. Dernick, DDS, is available to help patients with their dentures with fixes and alignments.

Dentures are a wonderful cosmetic restoration for patients of all ages, and can be of huge benefit to patients who are on a budget and want to maintain a beautiful smile that functions efficiently. While there are alternatives, dentures can be a good short-term solution for someone who needs to restore their smile while deciding on more long-term treatments such as dental bridges or dental implants. Every patient’s situation is different, and it is important that patients who are deciding on restorative treatments choose one that works best for them.

Dr. Dernick is committed to providing high quality dentures and restorative cosmetic treatments for patients of all ages, and can help patients maintain a beautiful, healthy smile with his general and cosmetic dentistry. If you are interested in learning about his practice and what his team of specialists offers, call today to schedule a consultation appointment.


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