Who is a good candidate for restoring teeth with dentures in the Spring area?

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Tooth loss can come as a surprise or be due to neglect of the smile. It can be sudden or gradual, depending on the circumstances. Patients who have not been properly caring for their teeth may find that their teeth become loose and may fall out from the effects of periodontal disease. Others may experience trauma to a tooth, causing it to be knocked out. However, it occurs, maintaining the smile is important for both chewing and speaking efficiency. When one or more natural teeth have been lost, patients should consider restorative solutions.

There are three primary solutions for tooth loss: dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. There are specific situations in which each of these is more advantageous. Dental implants are known as the best value, though can be expensive. They can last a lifetime, but require sufficient bone structure for placement. Dental bridges are a more common consideration as they are less expensive yet permanent. However, they require a patient to remove healthy tooth enamel from surrounding teeth to properly bond in place. Some patients may instead consider dentures. Dentures have come a long way, and are not the false teeth you may have been familiar with.

Full dentures and partial dentures are the two types of restorative false teeth used in dentistry. Full dentures replace the entire dental arch of teeth, such as the top teeth, bottom teeth, or both. These are made with false teeth and gums. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used to restore just one or more teeth within a dental arch. They are made of a plastic and metal framework that snaps into the dental arch and fills the spaces with false teeth.

Candidates for dentures are patients who practice good oral health habits to ensure their teeth and oral appliances are clean. Patients who have insufficient bone structure for dental implants may consider this alternative, as well as patients who are satisfied with a removable restoration. Patients who may consider dentures are those who are considering a more affordable alternative to bridges or implants. Patients experiencing the loss of natural teeth are encouraged to contact Dr. Dernick in the Spring area to find out which dental replacement solution is best for their specific concerns, budget, and personal lifestyle.


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