Improving the appearance of teeth with porcelain veneers in the Spring area

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Taking care of the teeth can be easy when patients know exactly what is expected of them. However, brushing once in the morning after breakfast will not allow individuals to keep a healthy smile. Oral care requires diligence as well as brushing and flossing after every meal.

Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS of the Spring area sees patients regularly who are unhappy with imperfections of their smiles. When staining, breakage, or other problems arise, patients can seek the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. When teeth whitening, bonding, and other efforts are not appropriate, patients may be introduced to the idea of porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are used to disguise the appearance of the natural teeth. They are made of porcelain because this material closely replicates the look of tooth enamel. It is semi-transparent, glossy, and beautiful. Porcelain is also extremely strong, making veneers a long-lasting solution to covering problem areas.

There is minimal preparation needed for veneers, making them a conservative option. Patients must have a thin amount of enamel filed off their natural teeth to help the new veneers bond. Impressions are made and sent to a ceramist who fabricates the veneers based on the dentist’s instructions. Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS will take into consideration the size and color of the existing teeth to ensure the new restoration looks beautiful and natural. Special bonding cement is used to adhere the final veneer over the natural tooth for a stunning new look!

Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS is a cosmetic dentist who prides himself in using quality materials to restore patient smiles. He has a wide selection of popular restorative services available in his state-of-the-art dental facility and is excited to meet new patients to determine the best way to achieve a beautiful, dazzling smile that radiates health and confidence! If you live in the Spring, Conroe, or surrounding areas and are interested in enhancing your smile with veneers or other cosmetic treatments, contact Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS today!


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