What to look for in a family dentist in Woodlands

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A family dentist is crucial to the dental health and wellbeing of a household in the Woodlands area. When the entire family visits the same dentist, they can effectively schedule appointments, enjoy the benefits of dental records in one location, and seek the assistance of someone they know and trust. These are just a few benefits of having a family dentist.

Patients looking for a family dentist have a lot of things to consider.

The first consideration is often location. Families want their dentist to be close by for easy access and convenience. Dr. Dernick offers services to patients in all area towns, including Spring, and The Woodlands. He is happy to assist patients who travel to visit him and can accommodate them with convenient appointment times.

Patients want a family dentist with the experience to help patients of all ages, from the youngest infant to the eldest grandparent. Dr. Dernick serves the entire family to assist in achieving and maintaining great dental health. He has been in the business for over 30 years, and has the skills and expertise to provide compassionate, comprehensive dental care for the entire household.

Dr. Dernick and his staff help build positive relationships between dentist and patient. They understand that this can be conducive to attaining the trust that is crucial in a dentist/patient situation. When a patient trusts the dentist, they are more at ease in the dental chair and have faith that their smile will turn out beautiful and healthy in the long run.

Dental practices that offer a wide variety of services will benefit patients and eliminate the need for several specialists in one’s dental health regimen. Dr. Dernick offers both general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, and focuses on not only attaining a healthy smile, but also ensuring patients are proud and confident in the way their smile looks. This can help patients build positive self-esteem and enjoy talking, laughing, and smiling in social situations.

Are you considering a family dentist for your household? If you live in Spring, or The Woodlands area and are ready for the ultimate dental experience for you, your parents, and your children, contact Dr. Dernick today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.


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