Why might patients visit a cosmetic and family dentistry practice in Spring?

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Patients in the Spring area who are looking for a practice that offers cosmetic and family dentistry should look no further than the team at Dr. Dernick’s dental practice. With a practice centrally located in The Woodlands, Dr. Dernick, DDS, can provide cosmetic and general dental services to households anywhere in the metropolitan area. He provides dentistry for patients in surrounding cities, and is happy to accept new households to monitor and address dental concerns. When a patient is looking for a family dentist, they are encouraged to considering the following factors:

Location and Convenience
A family dentist should be close to a patient’s home for convenience and easy access. Dr. Dernick, located in The Woodlands, can assist families in surrounding cities such as Spring and Conroe. He is easily accessible and happy to welcome new patients and families in the metropolitan area. A dentist whose practice is located nearby is beneficial in terms of location and convenience.

Maintenance of Records
When a dentist is familiar with the entire family’s dental care, he is able to maintain records that are more comprehensive. By keeping records on file of all those in the household, he may be able to spot hereditary dental issues that might develop for the younger family members. This cross-referencing of medical records ensures comprehensive care unsurpassed by any other dentist.

Emergency Treatments
Thanks to the maintenance of past dental records with Dr. Dernick, he is able to assist in dental emergencies. With recent x-rays and knowledge of the patient’s dental regimen and condition, Dr. Dernick DDS can provide efficient dental care in emergencies.

Positive Relationship and Trust
It is crucial that patients develop a positive relationship to build trust with healthcare providers. Trust can assist patients in feeling more at ease with a dentist and know that their dental care is in good hands. Dr. Dernick has been in the dental business for well over 30 years and has the experience to provide expert care to patients of all ages.

If you are ready to be a part of a dental family, call Dr. Dernick today, to schedule your initial consultation appointment and learn more about the benefits of a family dentist caring for the dental health of your household.


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