Why should Spring area households consider a dentist that offers family dentistry?

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Dr. Dernick, of The Woodlands Dental Group near Spring, offers family dentistry. From cosmetic to general procedures, his team is proud to assist patients of all ages. Young and old, children and adults can enjoy the care and experience of a quality dental team at a family dental practice.

For many reasons, a family should consider working with a practice that provides care for all ages. Patients can enjoy scheduling back-to-back dental appointments for everyone in the household, and everyone can make one stop for their recall visits. This saves time and energy for parents and children, and eliminates driving all over town to service everyone in their family.

A family dentist is well versed in all sorts of dental concerns and conditions. They are used to monitoring the eruption of baby teeth on young infants as well as fitting geriatric patients for dentures. Everyone can benefit from the experience a family dental practice has to offer.

Children may need different services than teenagers and adults do. This may include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and orthodontics. These are often recommended for children or young adults, and may be suggested as part of a child’s long-term treatment plan. Parents that bring their children to the dentist regularly can be notified when these services may be used and applied to improve dental health.

Dr. Dernick is a skilled dentist who has operated his own dental practice for decades, starting out in The Woodlands in 1980. His patients describe him as gentle, caring, and experienced in providing dental care for the entire family. He has committed his life to providing comprehensive care to patients in the surrounding communities and for all ages and stages!

Dr. Dernick is happy to offer family dentistry to patients in The Woodlands, Spring, and Conroe communities, and accepts new and existing patients into his state-of-the-art practice for general and cosmetic dental treatments. If you are interested in switching to his dental practice for your family’s needs, contact his office today to schedule an appointment and introduce your family to ours!


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