What should you not eat after teeth whitening?

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After you visit the Woodlands dentist for professional teeth whitening, it just makes sense that you want to enjoy the results as long as you can. When teeth are first whitened, they are more susceptible to staining. It’s important to make good decisions about what foods you eat to protect your white new smile. Dr. Dernick will discuss the types of foods to avoid after a whitening treatment. Here are some general guidelines to help you.

Foods to Avoid After a Teeth Whitening at The Woodlands Dentist

Foods that are Dark-Colored

Which foods are dark in color? One way to think about it is to avoid foods that would stain a white shirt. Beverages like colorful juices, red wine, colas, teas, and coffee should be avoided. If you just have to have coffee or tea in the morning, use a straw to limit the liquid’s contact with your teeth. Avoid berries, ketchup, dark chocolate, red sauces, and other dark-colored foods. Other foods to avoid include snacks that are made with powdered cheese, such as Doritos, Cheetos, and cheese popcorn.

Highly Acidic Foods

Dr. Dernick also suggests avoiding acidic foods and beverages following a teeth whitening treatment. This means avoiding carbonated beverages, citrusy foods and juices, and high acid foods like pickles.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco in any form can stain recently whitened teeth. Try to avoid any tobacco products for a few days after the treatment. Of course, it is recommended that you stop smoking completely to keep your teeth bright, healthy, and white, not to mention that smoking less, or not at all, will protect and preserve your health in so many other ways!.

What Types of Foods and Beverages are Good for After Teeth Whitening?

There are plenty of healthy, delicious food options that are safe to eat following a teeth whitening treatment. This is often referred to as the “White Diet” because it includes foods that won’t cause discoloration. It is intended to be a short-term way to eat that consists only of light-colored drinks and foods. After a professional whitening at the Woodlands dentist, your teeth will be a little bit porous. Dark-colored foods can easily be absorbed into your teeth and cause discoloration. Here are some foods its’ safe to eat right after they’ve been whitened.

Chicken, Fish, and Tofu

In general, light, lean proteins are a great option right after you’ve had your teeth whitened. Chicken and turkey are great options. Just remember to avoid dark sauces and stick to light or white sauces for a few days.

Bread, Rice, and Pasta

Most bread and whole grains are safe to eat on the White Diet. Just look out for added ingredients like molasses or food coloring. These are often used to make bread and pasta darker in appearance. This can have the same effect on your teeth.

White Cheeses and Yogurt

Pass on cheeses with artificial coloring. Also avoid sugary, flavored yogurts. Stick with plain yogurt options and white cheeses.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Light-colored veggies and fruits are staples on the White Diet. Think of fruits like pears, bananas, and apples. Vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, and potatoes are all acceptable and protect your white teeth.

Beverages to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Water is the absolute best option when it comes to beverages after you’ve had your teeth whitened by Dr. Dernick. Water has no risk at all associated with it. It won’t wear down the enamel and it can’t stain your teeth. White milk is also a great option as it contains calcium that is beneficial for oral health and won’t stain your teeth. You can also consume unsweetened milk alternatives made from rice, nuts, or oats.

Contact Dr. Dernick about Teeth Whitening

If you are ready to have a beautiful, white smile, contact The Woodlands dentist to schedule your appointment today. If you have any questions about the professional treatment or about what to eat after teeth whitening, Dr. Dernick will be happy to help!

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