What can a patient expect at a tooth bleaching procedure?

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Patients who are seeking a fast way to enhance their smile may ask Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS about in-office power bleaching. This tooth bleaching procedure is offered for patients in the Spring community who want to whiten their teeth without having to wait weeks for the results. While Dr. Dernick offers take-home whitening trays for patients to use over time to whiten the enamel, some patients want to experience a brighter smile in a faster manner. The Zoom bleaching system is a wonderful way for patients to achieve results quickly for events such as a weddings or reunions.

The process of in-office tooth bleaching starts with a consultation visit with Dr. Robert G. Dernick. Patients can talk with him about which tooth whitening treatment is best. The best candidates for tooth whitening are those with a healthy smile without restorations. Veneers, crowns, bridges, and other restorations made of porcelain will not react to the bleaching solution. Patients who are seriously considering long-term whitening may speak with their dentist about the possibility of replacing these restorations after the whitening has been completed.

Patients schedule their appointment, and should leave approximately an hour and a half available. They rest in the dental chair while a plastic apparatus holds the cheeks and lips away from the teeth. A barrier gel is applied to the gums, which protects them from the powerful bleaching solution. Then, the Zoom whitening solution is painted onto the surface of the teeth and activated with a special light. This is done several times until the desired results are achieved. The solution is rinsed off the teeth and the barrier gel is removed, allowing patients to check out their brilliant new smile!

Patients may experience some sensitivity after treatment, but this is minor and it will go away over the course of several days. Tooth bleaching is completely safe, especially when monitored by a dental professional such as Dr. Dernick of the Spring area.


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