Professional tooth whitening products can whiten the smile of Spring area patients

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Over time, every day life can take a toll on the beauty and brilliance of the natural smile. Patients in and around the Spring area may visit their dentist to learn how professional tooth whitening products can whiten the enamel of their teeth and rejuvenate their appearance quickly and easily.

Tooth whitening solutions available through a professional dental team are the most effective treatments on the market. Unlike over-the-counter products, professional-grade whitening services far exceed the results achieved by these more accessible solutions. Many patients love the value they can enjoy with professional products, which are stronger and much more effective at addressing surface stains, and deep discoloration, which may have occurred many years ago.

Patients can start the whitening process with a thorough examination with Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS. Patients with restorations are advised to have them replaced after whitening treatments or to consider avoiding whitening altogether as porcelain restorations are not affected by the bleaching gels. Patients must also have good oral health to be considered a candidate for whitening.

Once it has been determined that tooth whitening solutions are the best way for patients to remedy discoloration of the natural teeth, patients can then make a decision as to which treatment they prefer. In-office power bleaching is done in the dentist’s chair and it can whiten the teeth up to eight shades in an hour or so. This is often more costly than the take-home whitening trays also available, which can whiten teeth over the course of several weeks. Patients may choose this as an economical, private way to rejuvenate their look.

Before patients undergo their whitening treatment, they must have their teeth thoroughly cleaned. This helps in removing any surface stains or plaque, which may hinder the whitening products from working their best. Patients can then have their whitening treatment completed.

Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS of the Spring and Conroe areas can assist patients in determining the best way to restore their smiles even after years of abuse have caused staining and discoloration that may seem otherwise impossible to remove.


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