What is a dental bridge for residents in the Spring metropolitan area?

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Lost teeth can have a negative effect on a patient’s smile, chewing and biting efficiency, self-esteem, and confidence. When teeth are missing, the situation should be addressed as soon as possible. Patients with missing teeth can experience shifting of the adjacent teeth, which can result in spaces between teeth. By addressing the issue immediately after tooth loss, patients can maintain their beautiful smiles and have the biting and chewing efficiency they once enjoyed. One way for Spring residents to maintain their smiles is with a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are a cosmetic restoration that is used to replace missing teeth. The dental bridge includes dental crowns and the pontic, or the false tooth. The pontic is fused to a dental crown on each side, and the crowns are bonded over the adjacent teeth within the space. These teeth support the bridge and hold it in place, allowing the pontic to fall where the natural tooth once was. This allows the patient to enjoy a beautiful smile once again, even after tooth loss.

Dental bridges are a viable alternative to dental implants or partial dentures. These are options are available to patients struggling with tooth loss, but they are not for everyone. Some patients desire a permanent, long-term solution, while others are happy with a removable restoration that is easy to care for and clean. Dr. Dernick can help patients determine the best solution for them.

Dr. Dernick can help The Woodlands area patients enjoy the benefits of a dental bridge, and welcomes Conroe and Spring patients as well. He is committed to ensuring that every patient has the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, healthy, fully functioning smile. Dr. Dernick and his team have over thirty years of experience helping patients achieve and maintain smiles that they can be proud of, and he is happy to help new and existing patients enjoy a smile that they rightfully deserve!


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