Spring area dentist answers, “What are dental crowns and bridges”?

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While many patients do their best to take care of their smile’s health, the unexpected can always occur. Trauma may cause patients to lose their natural teeth or break the structure. This is when patients must see a dentist to seek assistance in restoring their smiles. In cases such as these, Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS of the Spring and Conroe communities may suggest dental crowns or bridges.

What are dental crowns and bridges? Both are used to restore or replace natural teeth. They are commonly made from porcelain, as this material is both strong and closely resembles the look of natural tooth enamel for a beautiful result. Both crowns and bridges have their place in cosmetic dentistry.


Crowns, which are sometimes referred to as “caps,” are permanent restorations fabricated to cover the entire exposed part of the natural tooth. These can protect damaged teeth and give them the support they need to function properly without further breakage. Crowns may be used over teeth that have been chipped, cracked, have large fillings, or undergone treatments such as root canal therapy. Crowns are also made to act as false teeth when they are placed over a dental implant.


A bridge is a restoration made to replace missing teeth. When one or more teeth in a row are missing from the dental arch, the bridge is made to restore the arch. This is done with false teeth called pontics and a crown on each end. The crowns are bonded over the adjacent teeth, which support the entire restoration. Bridges are a more permanent solution than partial dentures but are less expensive than dental implants.

Dr. Robert G. Dernick, DDS is a cosmetic and general dentist who can provide quality, comprehensive dental care, as well as aesthetic services. He understands how patients feel when they are not confident in the appearance of their smile and works hard to help restore the smile when patients visit him for answers. If you reside in or around Spring, contact us today to schedule an appointment and examination to find out if one of our restorative treatments can turn that frown upside down!


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