How does at-home tooth whitening work for spring patients?

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A whiter, brighter smile is often the sign of a healthy mouth. It can also boost a patient’s self-confidence dramatically, allowing him or her to feel better about his or her appearance. Whether patients are dealing with stains from food and drink or have discoloration from aging, Dr. Dernick, DDS can help. Spring tooth whitening treatments can be done to improve the brilliance of a patient’s smile. His practice offers two types of treatments: in-office whitening and at-home whitening. While in-office whitening will completely transform a smile in just one appointment, other patients would like to have more control over their whitening and get the same results in a more convenient and economical fashion. With at-home whitening kits, patients can do just that!

The at-home whitening kits provided in the office of Dr. Dernick, DDS, are not the same as the ones found in your local drugstore. Over-the-counter kits are made as a “one size fits all” solution, but this is not the case. Each patient is an individual and requires a custom solution. Additionally, many of the commercial whitening products are not nearly as powerful as those available through the dental office are. Dental offices can provide stronger, more powerful whitening gels that can whiten teeth faster and more effectively.

At Dr. Dernick, DDS’s practice, patients can enjoy the benefits of a custom-made whitening tray. Using impressions, Dr. Dernick, DDS can fabricate whitening trays made specifically for the patient that fit tight and secure for the best possible whitening treatment. The whitening trays are sent home with the patient, along with instructions and professional-grade whitening gel. The gel and trays are used daily for a period of several weeks for patients to experience gradual, natural whitening results.

For patients who want faster results, in-office whitening is available. However, it is more affordable for patients to consider at-home whitening kits, and many prefer them, as it allows them to touch up their teeth regularly to maintain the results. Additional whitening gel is available at the dental office, at an additional cost.


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