What are the methods of teeth whitening available by The Woodlands dentist Dr. Dernick?

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Many patients who are looking to improve their smile may turn to a Woodlands dentist. Teeth whitening is a popular treatment that patients of Dr. Dernick often ask about as a way to brighten a dull or discolored smile. Patients are happy that there are several methods available for teeth whitening, as each patient’s personal situation is different. Not everyone’s smile is the same, and Dr. Dernick understands that everyone needs an individualized solution.

Dr. Dernick offers two primary methods for whitening the teeth. The first method is in-office whitening, called Zoom Whitening. Zoom is a special treatment that can whiten teeth in as little as an hour, providing results that can improve the enamel’s brightness by up to eight shades. Patients will be able to walk out of the dental office with dramatic results! Zoom Whitening uses a special bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth and activated with a specialized light. Patients will sit back and relax during their treatment, and enjoy a little peace and quiet from their busy day.

Another alternative for patients is the take-home whitening trays. Dr. Dernick will create custom fabricated whitening trays, and provide patients with special medical-grade whitening gel that is used inside these trays and worn for a specific period each day for several weeks. Over time, the teeth’s enamel will lighten. Patients will be able to use this whitening product regularly to maintain their beautifully brilliant smile.

Some patients may even use a combination of treatments. Patients may enjoy fast results with in-office whitening, and then take home the whitening kit to maintain these results. This is a wonderful way to keep a beautiful smile over the course of time.

Both whitening techniques are completely safe, effective, and affordable for many of our patients, and can provide confidence and boosted self-esteem for many.

If you are interested in whitening treatments at Dr. Dernick’s practice, call today to schedule a consultation appointment. With an examination, Dr. Dernick will be able to let you know if you are a viable candidate for teeth whitening and work with you on deciding which method is right for you!


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