What is subgingival scaling for Woodlands area patients?

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A healthy smile is a happy smile, and the team at Dr. Dernick’s office in The Woodlands is proud to offer both general and cosmetic dentistry to assist patients in enjoying the benefits of good oral health. Dental hygiene is essential to avoid development of conditions such as periodontal disease, which can cause irreparable damage to an individual’s smile.

When plaque and tartar begin to build on the surface of natural teeth, Dr. Dernick may recommend subgingival scaling. Those in The Woodlands metropolitan surrounding areas can come to Dr. Dernick’s practice to receive subgingival scaling treatment.

What is subgingival scaling? Subgingival scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface. Plaque and tartar will build on the teeth when a patient is not effectively brushing or flossing their teeth. It builds up over time and can result in the beginning stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis. By having a professional remove the plaque on the surface of the teeth, patients can keep concerns from developing.

In some cases, subgingival scaling may require that the gum tissue be cut into “flaps” to allow the dentist to clean deep down to the root of the teeth. This is also known as “scaling and root planing.” This is done when the plaque and tartar have gotten deep into the gums and may be the source of inflammation and gum irritation. Cleaning deep down on the tooth gives the patient a fresh start and assists them in maintaining their oral health from that day forward.

Dr. Dernick of The Woodlands is dedicated to his patients’ oral health and helps new and existing patients achieve great oral health while maintaining it through daily care. He offers a variety of cosmetic restorations for those who want to improve the appearance of their smile along with their oral health.


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