Woodlands area patients can visit their dentist for gum disease treatment

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Taking good care of the smile is the best way to avoid the development and progression of serious conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease. Patients who live in the Spring, or The Woodlands area who are seeking a quality dentist for gum disease diagnosis and treatment are encouraged to visit Dr. Dernick and his team. Patients of all ages from all around the community come to his practice to seek comprehensive dental care, including preventative treatments. However, when gum disease has begun, it is important that patients work closely with a dental professional they trust to restore the health and well-being of their smile in a manner that fits their budget and lifestyle.

For many patients, gum disease can be easily treated if diagnosed early in the process. The first stage of gum disease is gingivitis. At this point, the condition is completely reversible. Patients may notice their gums are red, inflamed, and bleeding when they are brushing their teeth, and this is the point where patients must take action. Visiting the dentist as soon as possible is the best way of keeping this problem from extending to more advanced stages of periodontal disease, which can have irreversible consequences. When gingivitis is present, many patients benefit from a simple professional cleaning to remove built up plaque, bacteria, and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth and gums.

Untreated, this condition can continue to develop into advanced stages called periodontitis. Periodontitis is a point during which aggressive approaches must be made to tackle the problem at hand. Later stages of periodontitis are easily defined by characteristics such as bad breath, inflamed gums, loose teeth, and shrinking gum tissues. Underneath the gum tissue, the bone of the jaw may also be disintegrating. The condition must be controlled to keep patients from losing their natural teeth.

Dr. Dernick encourages his patients to visit his practice at least twice a year to keep their smile looking great and healthy. Examinations are required to ensure patients are brushing and flossing their teeth regularly and maintaining the health of their teeth, gums, and bone.


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