What is the best way to avoid gum disease for Spring area residents?

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Patients are often coached by their dentist on ways to maintain a healthy smile. Brushing teeth, flossing teeth, and maintaining regular dental check-ups are helpful in keeping a smile looking its best. It can also help in preventing the development and onset of gum disease.

What is gum disease? Spring area residents who visit Dr. Dernick of The Woodlands will often ask about ways to avoid gum disease and what to expect if it occurs. Dr. Dernick and his dental team educate patients on what to look for and when to seek help for their dental concerns.

Gum disease, which is also referenced by many as periodontal disease, is a condition that affects the health and appearance of a smile. It can cause tooth loss, shrinking gum tissue, and the disintegration of bone. While it cannot be “cured,” it can be reduced to a more manageable state and controlled with effective oral health regimens. The key to preventing gum disease is to take good care of one’s oral health; however, if it does occur, early intervention is essential to keep the condition from getting out of control and causing irreversible damage.

Gum disease begins as gingivitis. Gums may bleed when a patient brushes or flosses their teeth, and the gums may appear red and inflamed. When these symptoms appear, patients should seek Dr. Dernick’s assistance as soon as possible. This will greatly increase the chances of addressing the problem early and getting the best possible outcome.

If a patient leaves gingivitis to develop further, the patient will begin to experience shrinking gum tissue, which leaves pockets for plaque and tartar to get trapped and it will begin decaying the natural teeth. The bone will disintegrate and the natural tooth roots will not have the strength and stable foundation that they once had, thus resulting in the loosening and loss of natural teeth.

Maintaining a healthy smile will prevent periodontal disease from developing and keep Spring area patients from having to worry about the future of their beautiful, healthy smiles!


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